James Werner, the founder of Generation Equipped Ministries, joins Dr. Kathy for a second episode to share five ways parents can train children for truth. Children need to know truth so parents must teach it. We can! These ideas will work for you. 

James Werner has a passion for equipping the next generation with a Biblical worldview. He is the founder of Generation Equipped Ministries, a speaker, and the Director of Christian Apologetics and Worldview Training. He loves teaching and training young people to use their energy and talents to serve the Lord and proclaim the good news of the gospel. His mission is to inspire and equip Christians to proclaim and be able to defend the truth of Christianity.

James has a diverse background in business, pastoring and teaching which gives him some unique leadership insights and perspectives. In addition to his work as a Christian apologist, he has functioned as an associate pastor in Southern California for over 20 years, teaching and preaching the Bible.

If you would like to know more about James and his ministry, or you would like to have him speak at your event, go to http://www.generationequipped.org.