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Purpose is powerful. It matters.

At Celebrate Kids, Inc., our purpose is to influence you. We want to help, empower, change, guide, build up, encourage, compel, direct, inspire, teach, urge, lead, sway, impact, affect, move, alter, convince, persuade, …

Influence comes from a word that means “to flow.” Fluctuate comes from the same word. I picture it as ideas flowing from us to you and from you to others – your children, students, colleagues, friends, …

Why do I blog? I hope my ideas positively influence you.

What are you doing to be a difference maker? We need to be stewards of our gifts, talents, and ideas. This means we’ll use them to benefit others.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being willing.

It’s not about being better than others. It’s about bettering others.

It’s not just about knowing what. It’s about knowing who would benefit.

You can help us figure out what we know that you want to know. We want to again offer online courses as another avenue of influence. We could use your help. It will just take a few moments for you to complete our brief 12-question survey.

We want and need your input. Hopefully you want to influence us so we can influence others more effectively. Be the flow.

As an incentive, two lucky people who complete the survey will be randomly chosen to receive a package of all our How Am I Smart products (the book, DVD, CD, 25 bookmarks, and all three booklets). We’ll announce the winners on our Celebrate Kids Facebook page.

Please fill out the survey below. To progress through it, simply hover your mouse over the survey and scroll down. You have until midnight on Thursday to complete it. Thank you very much!