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FreePrayerLifeGroupPurpose. Powerful. Meaningful. Life-changing. Life-giving. Affirming. Important. Significant. Necessary.

Everyone. Not no one. You. Me. Us. Them. We. Young. Old. Same. Different. Educated. Under-educated. Black. Brown. Yellow. White.  Red. Faith. No faith. All of the above. Participate.

Are you making the world a better place? Why? Why not?

We were created to be difference makers. We get to participate in this amazing thing called LIFE. And, by doing so, we can choose to make LIFE better for others.

Last Saturday, while I was speaking to parents and preschool teachers at a church, members of my church’s small group met at an area park to offer to pray for people.

Simple. Not time-consuming. No talent needed. Just a heart. Other-centeredness. Smiles. Care. Concern. Blessings.

It’s funny that the sign they posted includes the word “free.” Others have taken advantage of people and people are skeptical. My friends just wanted to love people through prayer to the God of the Bible we know hears and answers as is best.

Yesterday, I heard the great report of a mom who, seeing the sign, returned home to get her husband and children. She wanted her children to know people care about them and also believe in God and His work on their behalf.

Each child had a specific request – to heal a dog’s paw, to help with math, to help him concentrate in school (rather than being girl-crazy, according to the mom!), and to help one control his anger.

They shared their names with my friends and hugged each of them.

Hearing the report, I’m not sure who was blessed more – the people my friends prayed for or them for offering the prayers. But, that’s how it works. Making the world a better place is never one directional. Never. No, not ever. Never.

Be a blessing and be blessed. Somehow. Your way. Now. Don’t wait. Don’t miss out. You can do it. If you’d like, let us know how you’re leaving the world a better place with a comment below. We can support you by praying.