Psalm 46 is one of my favorite passages in the entire Bible. We’re reminded that mountains quake and oceans roar. God made it all. God controls it all.

I’m writing this from a friend’s deck overlooking the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range, west of Colorado Springs. Stunning.

We drove on winding roads to get here. Rock foundations in the hills and mountains. Red, mauve, ivory colors. Then through fertile ranch land. It was worth the 2+ hour drive.

Two calm lakes in front of me with mountains rising from the western shores. Snowcapped mountains. Clouds above and behind them. The sun heating my face and everything else. A crisp 40 degrees.

Majestic pine trees pointing to heaven. Pine cones growing in clusters ready to burst open. Large pine cones covering the ground at their base.

Variety. Similarities. Differences. Common elements.

From God. For God. For our pleasure. For His glory. Fulfilling their designed purposes. So must we.