Purpose is Powerful

In 2010, I spoke at and learned a lot from two Wellness conferences at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX.  The experience was fabulous.We learned that lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer deaths in men and women. The most common cause of overall death in men and women is cardiovascular disease. This led to one theme of our day: most disease is preventable.

Then why are so many people sick and dying?

A second theme was that we should make movement mandatory. This is so much easier to receive than “you must exercise!” As the fitness specialist said, some people think exercise is a double four-letter word, but we can all move more.

As was stated at the conference, people blame failure on a lack of resources. In reality, people fail to be resourceful. When thinking about our health, what resources could we be using? Why aren’t we?

In the context of that statement, Dr. Sulak powerfully challenged us to find the necessary motivation to apply what we were learning. That’s where purpose comes in. What’s yours? Why are you alive? Why do you keep waking up every day and taking another breath?

Dr. Sulak’s purpose statement fits her so well. She says, “I’m an outrageous force guided by God to lift up others.” That’s her motivation to be healthy. What’s yours?

If you haven’t linked your identity statement (“I’m an outrageous force guided by God”) to a purpose statement (“to lift up others”) lately, do it now.

Purpose is powerful. Fulfill yours. Choose to live long to do what you’ve been designed to do. Choose health.