Real Dad's Wear Real Love

Real Dad’s Wear Real Love

I recently taught at a convention where another presenter spoke on the importance of a dad blessing his children. I was instantly and deeply saddened when seeing about 80% of the large crowd raise their hands to indicate their dad had never blessed them. No wonder so many in the crowd were struggling with patterns of sin and dysfunction.

My brother, Dave, and I were blessed with a dad who cared – through his presence and attendance at normal and important events, with his words of affirmation, and with the correction we often deserved.

My dad changed jobs when I was in junior high, which turned out to be a good thing for me. The new company he worked for hired selected children of employees for the summers of their college years. It was wonderful to know I had a job each summer – not just for the income, but to have something meaningful to do.

When looking back, this was one of the experiences that kept my dad and me close. We had time to talk in the car to-and-from work. I don’t remember these 30-minute drives being extremely meaningful or anything, but we talked and listened to each other. Sometimes just paying attention to the ordinary things is most important. I knew my dad cared about me, my activities, and my ideas.

I remember being surprised by so many things. The factory was huge and it was loud, but more importantly, everyone seemed to know my dad. Not just that; they liked and respected him. He was just my dad, but now I was seeing a dimension of him I didn’t know. I’m so glad I got to know this side of him. Let’s do what we can to help today’s kids know their dads well and the mystery of what they do all week. It can seriously enrich their relationship.

We love helping today’s kids and their dads stay connected. We’re privileged. We hope you’ll do what you can, too.