Refresh And Bless

Refresh And Bless

Today I’m at Fossil Rim Safari in Glen Rose, Texas. Nancy Matheis, our Project Manager, is in town for 2½ weeks so we can get work done face-to-face. She loves Fossil Rim so we’re going. I enjoy it, too.

We plan on talking about our projects as we drive to-and-from the safari. We’ll enjoy that because we love serving you. We’ll totally relax and enjoy the “Behind the Scenes” tour we’re doing and then the drive through the park feeding the animals.

Why would we take time off if Nancy is here to work? Because being refreshed is good for us. We’ll both be more creative tomorrow.

We’re also doing it because I want to love Nancy well and I know she wanted to go. Personal, intentional love is rich! This will be good for us individually and as friends.

What can you do this week or weekend that will refresh you and also demonstrate that you know and love someone? Do it! Note the blessings. Be motivated to do it again!