Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Security is our first core need. I’ve believed this and taught this for over 25 years. We must we have a healthy security. When we don’t, not only is our foundation shaken, but our other four needs will be negatively affected.

I’m writing this while not feeling well. I can’t remember being this sick – that’s how long it’s been. I’ve been to the doctor twice and started a new medication yesterday after consulting with her on the phone. Yet, I’m still struggling to breathe without coughing, my throat is raw, and my head hurts. I’m grateful this doesn’t happen more often. I think the natural supplements I take help.

Security must be found in people who are trustworthy. It’s defined by the question, “Who can I trust?”

If security could be found in things, health might be one of those things. If that’s where I had placed my security, I’d be in big trouble right now.

  • I’d have no security. I am no longer healthy.

  • My identity would only be, “I am sick.” But, I am more than that because of my healthy security. For example, I am secure in my relationship with Christ. Therefore, I am saved. I am secure in family. I am a sister and aunt.

  • My belonging would only be, “No one will want to hang with me. I’m sick.”  Although I’m not well enough to be with people, they want to be with me. Friends have messaged me to see how they can help. Many have kindly communicated they’re praying. Someone local has offered to go to the store for me. Because we have security in each other and our belonging has been solid, I know her offer is sincere and it will be easy to take her up on her offer. A broad security placed in people has helped me not feel lonely while miserable. I am surrounded by beautiful people and I’m grateful. Lonely AND miserable would really be awful!

  • If my only security was found in my health than my purpose would be to stay healthy. Or, get over my illness if I ever did get sick. So, I’d be feeling even more miserable than I am because I’d be trying to get over this mess. All I can do is rest, drink fluids, and take my medicine. I can’t make it go away. I’d feel even more helpless which would negatively affect my identity and security even more. Because my security is in people, my purpose is found in them – to love them, serve them, know them more, … I am not feeling helpless. I’m frustrated because my illness is preventing me from fulfilling my purpose well now. This can motivate me to be obedient to my doctor’s orders so I can get better.

  • My competence would be non-existent if my security was in being healthy. My security would serve to define my competence as equivalent – which is always dangerous. Always! “My security: I am healthy. My competence: I am healthy.” And, of course, I now have neither. Having no competence is not a good feeling. Helplessness, for sure. But, I know my other competencies and I can rely on them so despair doesn’t take over.

If reading this causes you to recognize you’re depending on things to meet your need for security, I hope you’re also motivated to make changes. Finding people who are worthy of our trust is essential to healthy living. Although I’m very unhealthy right now, I’m still very secure.