[callout]Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.[/callout]

Which smarts have you already used today? Word? Logic? Picture? Music? Body? Nature? People? If you don’t know how these show up in good ways, look for the blogs published in the last 7 weeks about these.

Have you used the self-smart intelligence today? It’s important, as the others are, for a variety of reasons. Howard Gardner refers to this smart as intrapersonal intelligence.

What’s good about being self smart?

Self-smart people think alone with reflection, deeply inside of themselves.

Because of the depth of their thinking, self-smart people know what they know.

  • Self-smart children may feel dumb in school because they tend to think deeply and carefully about even things others assume are simple.  Tell them they’re anything buy stupid – they’re careful thinkers who care about being right.
  • People with this intelligence are usually comfortable with their own opinions. They can defend and explain them and may struggle when others don’t agree, especially if they sense they haven’t thought as deeply about what they believe.
  • Self-paced, independent projects work well with self-smart students.
  • These children and adults tend to know themselves well. They know what they can and can’t accomplish. As a result, they usually know what risks to take.
  • Producing original and unique work is a strength of self-smart children.
  • These people benefit from freedom and time alone to collect their thoughts and can usually be trusted to use their time well.
  • Because they need peace and quiet, they can often help to create or cause it.
  • Discipline is a strength of self-smart people.
  • Self-smart children can usually set helpful goals and stay motivated to achieve them, when they see the relevance to their lives.
  • Self-smart people who want to grow closer to God can do so through quiet times, journaling, and prayer.
  • There are many careers children with these strengths can enjoy and do well in.

What else have you noticed about self-smart kids?

Investing in your children, to help them develop their self-smart abilities, is time well spent!