Rather than posting about being intelligent in different ways, as I normally do on Wednesdays, what if I wrote about just being smart? Yes, I think I will.

Imagine how much better off we’d all be if we behaved in smart ways. In light of what’s going on in the world, I haven’t been able to shake this idea. The concept is also relevant to Christmas. God sent His Son so we’d trust Him by faith for our salvation and rely on Him to behave as He wants us to.

You might not agree with me, but I actually believe the behaviors I’ve listed here are possible. Yes, they are. What may happen less often in the world if we were smart in these ways? More often?

This list was fun to compile. What would you add to it? Are there any you’d remove?

I think it’s SMART to be:

Kathy wordle 2

Here is the word list of the above Wordle graphic:

accomplished, accurate, alert, appreciative, articulate, attentive, available, aware, believed, bold, calm, careful, caring, cautious, certain, cheerful, coachable, compassionate, competent, confident, conscientious, content, courageous, creative, curious, decisive, dedicated, dependable, determined, devoted, diligent, discerning, discreet, dynamic, eager, earnest, efficient, empathetic, encouraged, encouraging, enduring, energetic, engaging, enjoyable, enterprising, enthusiastic, ethical, excellent, fair, flexible, focused, follower, forgiving, friendly, fun, generous, gentle, genuine, giving, goal setter, good, good sport, gracious, grateful, guided, hard-working, healthy, helpful, honest, honorable, hopeful, hospitable, humble, humorous, imaginative, improving, independent, industrious, ingenious, innovative, insightful, inspired, inspiring, interested, interesting, intuitive, inventive, joyful, kind, knowledgeable, leader, learning, likable, lively, logical, loved, loving, loyal, mature, merciful, merry, motivated, neat, nice, obedient, open-minded, optimistic, orderly, other-centered, outgoing, patient, peaceful, people-oriented, perceptive, persevering, persuasive, planned, playful, pleasant, polite, positive, prayerful, problem solver, prudent, purposeful, quick, reasonable, relaxed, reliable, reputable, resilient, resourceful, respected, respectful, responsible, rested, secure, self- ,assured, self-controlled, self-disciplined, self-reliant, self-starter, sensible, sensitive, service-minded, sincere, smart, solution-focused, spirited, spontaneous, stable, steadfast, strong, successful, tactful, teachable, tender-hearted, thankful, thorough, thoughtful, thrifty, trusting, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, understood, unique, unselfish, upbeat, versatile, virtuous, wise