Dr. Kathy Koch

I joke with people that I bleed red, white, and blue because I love America so much. I was raised in a flag waving, politically active family. My grandfather (my mom’s dad) was an alderman in my city for over 25 years and then elected the first full-time mayor.

I have fabulous childhood memories of not only waving flags, but pushing tiny ones into our front yard to decorate on different holidays, including the often-ignored Flag Day. Did we remember that day a few weeks ago?

Of course, July 4th was the biggest day. Flags. Parades. Speeches. Picnics. Fireworks. Concerts. Celebrations.

Have you ever strategically used all 8 of your smarts when thinking about the flag or the country you live in? We draw conclusions we wouldn’t have when thinking with just our 1-3 natural strengths. Let me try to prove it.

Think about the flag using all eight smarts. Will you draw conclusions you haven’t in the past? Discover a new curiosity? See a new picture? Sing a song you haven’t thought of in a while? See something in the pattern you hadn’t noticed before? Remember a long-forgotten memory? Remember a fun time with friends and family?

Word: think with words

Logic: think with questions

Picture: think with your eyes

Music: think with rhythms and melodies

Body: think with movement and touch

Nature: think with patterns

People: think with other people

Self: think with personal reflection

Now think strategically about the United States or the country you live in. Gather your kids and think about parades and fireworks. What new thoughts and feelings did you have? I’d love to know! Thinking strategically with all 8 smarts broadens our understandings, enhances our memory, and improves our ability to apply ideas. It’s not hard!

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