It made my heart smile.

I love the way Leigh expresses herself here in what was a Facebook post. Read about her nature-smart son, Josiah. I love that she knows him this well and knows that what he’s doing is important and evidence of intelligence. I’m grateful for moms like Leigh and readers like you who I’m privileged to influence.

Thank you for reminding us that our kids are smart in different ways. My 10-yr-old can make wood kindling like nobody’s business. After a stressful day of a particularly tough subject, I found my son doing goat chores without being asked and then making small piles of wood starter for our wood stove. It made my heart smile knowing that by some school test-standard, he may have lagged behind but in his nature smarts he’s far beyond! Thank you for all you do to spur us on toward love and good deeds.

I was humbled to read her last statement because it’s my joy to share through speaking and my books and other materials. I almost didn’t share this here, but I wanted to see if this testimonial would make your heart smile, too. Also, here is a relevant question:

If you are not familiar with the 8 Great Smarts, click here to learn more and get your copy. If you’re already familiar with the 8 Great Smarts, how can knowing about them “spur you on toward love and good deeds”?