| from Stephen Baker |

As I sit and view my snow-covered yard in the Texas Hill Country and contemplate all the rhetoric about energy inefficiency and poor management, I wonder what we can find this year that provides stability and security considering ‘Snow-vid 2021’ has followed Covid 19 and 2020’s lack of clarity. My yard is covered in a pure white blanket. The psalmist stated in Psalm 147, “He gives snow like wool; He scatters frost like ashes. He hurls down His crystals of ice like crumbs, who can stand before His cold?”   

The psalmist is reminding his readers that God is always faithful to heal the brokenhearted and lift up the humble in the same way that He consistently provides the earth with rain and snow that the earth may grow and nourish those who are dependent upon it. He is pointing out that God is consistent in character. He provides just what the earth needs. “He sends out His word, and melts them; He makes His wind blow and the waters flow.”  Like wool wraps a lamb and snow blankets the ground, God’s Word is forever settled in heaven and provides us with engulfing security.

It would be easy to sit and whine about the difficulties of having to flush my toilet with buckets of water or cook in the fireplace or on the grill for a few days. That, however, is the pattern of those who do not know the Lord. They “do not know His rules.” They do not see that “He strengthens the bars of your gates; He blesses your children within you. He makes peace in your borders; He fills you with the finest of the wheat.”

Just as the psalmist in Psalm 147, we are encouraged to: 

  • Be filled with praise. 
  • Be humble. 
  • Fear and hope in God. 

Verses 10-11 teach us that God is not impressed with our independence or human strength. He takes pleasure in our humble reverence and dependence upon Him.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be a reflection of your consistent character to provide a good and faithful witness to those around me rather than to confirm their disbelief in You through my lack of faith and trust. Help me to please you.

Stephen Baker and his wife, Joyce have been two of Dr. Kathy’s thought-leaders for years. Now they’re both Celebrate Kids Associate Speakers and Writers. They work closely together. Steve has served in ministry for almost 40 years. With his heart for discipleship, he has worked as a senior pastor, associate pastor, teacher, coach, and hospice chaplain. Steve has a passion for families, mentoring believers, and discipling parents to walk in this world humbly and boldly as warriors sharing the powerful message of the gospel to all people.