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What we believe about ourselves and others is important. Beliefs influence identity and identity controls behavior. Who we think we are is who we will be.

I want children to know they are special. To believe it. To not doubt it. When they believe positive things about themselves, it’s more likely they’ll behave positively. They’ll take care of themselves, take life seriously, and invest themselves in life.

For years, we’ve sold a poster that contains 20 statements all of us at Celebrate Kids wish every child believed. Many parents and teachers buy these to encourage children and students.

A few days ago, at a convention, Linda and I observed teachers read the statements, smile, and buy the posters. Watching the smiles come over their faces was great.

This past spring, Linda observed a teacher read through the list. She then proclaimed, “I don’t want my students to believe any of this! They already think they’re too special.” She then turned and walked away.

Linda hasn’t been able to forget that. We’re concerned for this teacher’s students. We wish she understood that most children who behave as if they’re too special, believe they’re not.

Who do you know who needs to believe they matter? Please share truths with them!

You mean a lot to me

I want to understand you

You were created on purpose

You were created for a purpose

I believe in you and your future

You’re smart in many ways

You’re quite a thinker

You’re responsible

I’m proud of you

I’ll listen to you

You’re talented

You’re a miracle

You’re precious

You’re valuable

You’re unique

I respect you

I enjoy you

I trust you

You’re special