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Today’s blog is written by Nancy Matheis, a long-time friend and colleague here at Celebrate Kids. She currently serves as our Project Manager and Life Coach. Her blog will be relevant for you and/or for someone you know. Please share it with your friends if you believe Nancy’s practical coaching idea would help them.

7-15-13 NancyStilling Those Voices by Nancy Matheis

“I can’t stop them. Those voices in my head that keep telling me I’ll never be any good, I’m a failure, I’ll never make it!” Natasha had tears in her eyes as she related the torture she felt every time these voices visited her.

“But you know they want you to believe their lies.” I pointed out. This was the third time I coached Natasha. I was acutely aware her confidence in herself and how she thought of herself (her identity) were in the way of reaching her goals.

What we believe about ourselves can make us successful or keep us from achieving our potential. It’s essential that we have an honest and current understanding of who we are.

I asked Natasha to make a list of “I am….” statements. The next time we met, she came with a list of 15 positive declarations about herself. As she read each one to me, her posture became straighter and taller.

“I read them every day and whenever those voices from the past start. The truth is working!” she proclaimed. We’ve added more truths to the list and Natasha is on her way to reach her goals.

Are your “voices” keeping you from accomplishing what you want? Try writing 20 positive “I am…” statements. Read them every day. Choose to believe them and see how quickly you can still the negative voices.


You can reach Nancy at LifeCoach@CelebrateKids.com to ask her about her coaching and you can learn more here: http://www.celebratekids.com/Life-Coaching.html She can coach with Skype, over the phone, or in person. Are you struggling with relationships, finding your purpose, accomplishing goals, or confused by family dynamics? Nancy is being used in many situations, like Natasha’s, to bring hope and progress. Sometimes the objective perspective of a coach is more helpful than sharing with a friend over a cup of coffee.