Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.

Last Wednesday, I wrote about the power of multiple intelligences. Truly – listening, reading, talking, learning, studying, and writing are all enhanced when we remember to use many smarts.

In addition to the suggestions from last week and other things you’ve gleaned from my blog, we can strategically use a variety of thinking verbs to make sure we’re using all 8 smarts. To help you, here are some suggestions. Please consider printing this out and using it. Multiple intelligences are very practical! Studying with them can really help.

Don’t assume your children will automatically know how to think in these varied ways. You may need to define, discuss, and demonstrate the words so they can most effectively use them.

Body: demonstrate, design, produce, arrange, build, investigate

Logic: cause-effect, predict, analyze, calculate, infer, prove

Music: create, interpret, rearrange, express, modify, compose

Nature: examine, classify, identify, contrast, observe, organize

People: discuss, apply, react, decide, relate, brainstorm

Picture: describe, illustrate, compare, recognize, visualize, expand

Self: evaluate, reflect, justify, choose, critique, support

Word: explain, summarize, defend, paraphrase, reword, translate

We sell bookmarks with some of these verbs on them, along with a statement about the power of each smart (from last week’s post). You can find out more here. They may be just the thing to help you and your children/students become more successful.