Strategically Demolish The Old

Before most renovation there is demolition. Do you enjoy watching some of the home repair television shows? If so you certainly have seen this pattern.

My church is entering into the next phase of an exciting adventure. Sunday was the first day when both of our services met in a temporary space while our sanctuary is being remodeled. I was sad to be on the road. I would have loved to have been there to celebrate God‘s goodness. We’re also adding a new children’s wing. Decisions have been made, approvals have been granted, and the first workers have been hired.

Both of our services will be crowded for a while and there will be traffic jams in the hallway as we come and go. Some classes have been relocated. The senior parking spots have been relocated from the south end to the west end of the church. I’m sure some people felt very strange parking and sitting in new places. Change isn’t always comfortable.

Our new sanctuary won’t be ready for months. We can’t snap our fingers and expect renovation to occur. Demolition must happen first. It must be carefully planned. If you have watched any of the home remodeling shows on TV or done your own major remodel, you know that planning the demolition is just as important as planning what will be new. Maybe it’s more important.

Which part of the demolition should we do first? Which tools will be the best to use?  Who should supply what we need? Which wall should come down? If we knock out that wall, how will the rest of the room be affected? There are so many questions. The improvements to our sanctuary depend upon making careful changes to the old.

Think about your life. Is there something you would love updated? New attitudes? New actions? New beliefs? Or maybe something as practical as a new wardrobe? A new garden? A new easy chair for the corner of your den?

We are not going to change if we simply put something new on over the old. We can’t keep old pews and make room for new chairs. We can’t keep old windows and add new ones. We don’t need the old organ and a new one. The old pulpit and a new one. The old lights and the new. The old sound system and the new. The old screens and the new. No—we need to identify and demolish the old.

Is there an attitude that is in the way of our making progress? Are any actions sinful? Are we believing something that’s actually false? Let’s strategically demolish the old to get ready for the new.