Have you ever been tempted to examine yourself to find the button your children easily find? You know the one I mean. The one they find and push to get you to do what they want. Do they sometimes make you feel like you really were created with a button?

Strong-willed children are especially skilled at getting us to argue when we know we shouldn’t. They can also get us to throw up our hands in defeat and do for them what we’ve been asking them to do. They know how to find and push the button.

Last week I had the great joy of teaching moms (moms-with-buttons-invisible-to-them-but-visible-to-their-children) strategies that help to keep the hands of strong-willed children off the button. Before teaching the strategies, though, I explained why strong-willed children need to push the button. Just knowing that can increase peace at home (or school).

We were together in Rochester, MN, at the north-central convention for Hearts At Home. Hundreds of moms laughed, sighed in relief, and maybe cried as God met their needs. I was simply His ambassador of encouraging truths that day.

Next Monday night, November 14th, Celebrate Kids is offering YOU a free webinar about strong-willed children. Register by clicking on the link to the right and then on the address listed. Please tell your friends so they can disable the button their children have found. They’ll thank you. There really is hope for parenting and teaching these challenging children.

And, check out Hearts at Home. This is a great group committed to helping moms through the various stages and ages of raising children.