Skull-Crushers - Who names these things? Arms Up!
Skull-Crushers: Who names these things? Arms Up!

Drive down Boat Club Road, turn left on Azle Avenue, and hang a right to head west on 820. Exit 30 East to Bryant Irvin Road. Go right. Turn right on Camp Bowie and make a quick left onto Winthrop Avenue. Drive a bit, choose a parking spot, exit the car, and enter the building. I can do it in my sleep.

It’s never hard for me to leave my home or office to drive 20 minutes to the One on One Personal Training and Fitness Center. I’ve been working out there for almost 7 years. I’m motivated to take care of myself. I want to do what I’m doing for many, many more years so I need to be physically well. And, because I’m body smart, I enjoy it.

I have to go. Linda is expecting me. I’ll admit that if I didn’t have a trainer and an appointment I’m paying for, it would be harder to begin the journey down Boat Club Road. That’s exactly why I have a trainer! Plus, because I’m people smart, I enjoy working with her.

It pays to acknowledge what our challenges are and then surround ourselves with people and systems that increase the likelihood we’ll be successful. For me, it’s a certain kind of gym and a trainer. On my own, I’m afraid I’d think of excuses. Some might be very creative. 🙂 And, if I did go to the gym, I wouldn’t push myself.

Skull-Crushers: Arms Down! I can do this! 🙂

My trainer has the same first name as my assistant. Both Lindas help me in important ways. Both are powerful in their own ways. They both love me and I love them.

Recently, like on other days, Linda pointed to “the bench.” The dreaded bench. I don’t think she’s ever had me do anything easy on that bench. Not that anything in the gym is easy, because she’s good at challenging me, but you probably know what I mean.

Innocently, even with a lilt in her voice, Linda announced, “Skull Crushers.” I heard no evil growl. Not in her voice anyway. I might have heard one in my head.

The good news is that I did them, but didn’t. Get it? Who names these things anyway?