Acceptance Changes Everything – Part I

| from Lauren Roman | “Grieve what isn’t, accept what is” – I recently heard Dr. Kathy say this in a podcast about the 5 Core Needs. My brain immediately

Kathyism #21 – 5 Core Needs – “Belonging: Part 2”

The defining question of our third core need of “Belonging” is, “Who Wants Me?” In today’s video Dr. Kathy explores very practical ways for us to help children answer this

Kathyism #26 – 5 Core Needs: “Christian Answers”

In today’s video Dr. Kathy shares about her personal A+ answers to the questions surrounding our 5 Core Needs of Security, Identity, Belonging, Purpose, and Competence. If you find these

Kathyism #25 – 5 Core Needs – “Competence: Part 2”

Comparing ourselves to others can be very discouraging, but competence isn’t based on other’s competencies, it is based on yours. It’s great to have role models, but we have to

Kathyism #24 – 5 Core Needs: “Competence”

The defining question of “Competence” is, “What Do I Do Well?” When a child asks that question, ideally we would hope there would be many answers. Answers based on character,

Kathyism #23 – 5 Core Needs – “Purpose: Part 2”

When asking the question, “Why Am I Alive?” kids today need real hope, to be inspired to serve others, and provided direction that is both accurate and encouraging. Check out