Explaining Our Smarts Part 2 – Logic Smart

Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do. — Does anyone drive you nuts by asking questions, questions, and more

Learn to Discern

Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life. — Who do you trust? How do you know? I’ve been talking lately with my

Personal Liberation for A Constrained Picture Smart Person

I’ve invited Randy Thomas to write today’s blog. Do you remember in last week’s post, when I mentioned a friend who doodled as a child and now creates art from

Listen To Me!

One time, after I spoke to several hundred middle school students in a one-hour program, teachers asked how I was able to keep their students’ attention. They seemed stunned.

Through the years, I have met many teachers and parents concerned about children’s attention spans. What about you? Do you wish children listened better? Is competing with all that distracts them wearing you out?

Personal Care Enhances While Negativity Diminishes Authority

I recently observed two things related to authority. Keep your eyes and ears open, too, because you can learn much by thinking about what you observe. Feel free to share your observations with me. Here are mine today: …

Ignored or Established Authority?

The small, five-year-old girl worked hard to open the large, elaborately carved door. Then she maneuvered in front of it to keep it open. After waiting and listening for awhile, she confidently proclaimed into the emptiness, “Get out of there! You’re not supposed to be in there!” …