Doing Is Believing

| from Lauren Roman | We’ve all heard the phrase “seeing is believing.” Two thousand years ago, God Himself made a profound statement on this topic. In John 20:29, Jesus

Learning From Olympians (Continued)

Do you know children, teens, and maybe young adults who have an unrealistic goal or expectation for perfection? They may resent practice and studying because they think things should come

Facebook Frustration: Instill Positive Core Values To Guard Against Unnecessary Conflict

Just yesterday I learned of another friend who had to block someone from his Facebook account. They had been “friends” but this person wasn’t cooperating when asked to be more

Develop A Communication Mission Statement For Your Family

Concerned parents. They’re everywhere. Are you among them? When talking with them, I’ve found myself saying, “Just keep the conversation alive.” When we listen and talk we can be influential.

Behavior Is Birthed In Beliefs: The Case of the “Texting” Shooting

I didn’t believe I heard the reporter correctly. One man texting during movie previews was shot by another after the words they exchanged didn’t get him to stop. Apparently some

“Come to Momma!”

[callout]Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.[/callout]Upon entering the room, you’re surprised your child is standing. You realize a big milestone