Generous People

| from Dr. Kathy Koch |  Generous people are refreshing.  Recently I attended a special reception at a private residence. It was more than a house. Much more! As impressive

Count Your Blessings

| from Tina Hollenbeck | Late in 2020, I happened across a meme picturing a glass canning jar filled with folded, multi-colored papers. The accompanying text issued a challenge: “This

Communicating About Academic Challenges

You know by now, if you’re a reader of this blog, that all of us at Celebrate Kids believe children are smart in eight different ways. So are adults! All

The Blessing of Aunt Ruby

[guestpost]Summer can be a time for rich memory making. Randy’s memories can inspire you to think about what memories you are and aren’t creating for your children. Sometimes, we’re so

Blessing School Children at End of Year the Smart Way

Many important things occur at the end of the school year. Papers are written, content is studied, finals are taken, grades are figured, and report cards are distributed. Desks and

How My Parents Loved Me By Turning An Insecurity Into A Lifelong Blessing

My brother and I walked home from Roosevelt Elementary School on a typical day and Dave walked upstairs to his room. I did something unusual. I walked right into my