Teach Our Children to Value Life

Last week, I wrote about my sadness over the “boredom killing” of Christopher Lane in Oklahoma. Three young teens were bored and took his life because of it. I hope

“Boredom” Killing

“Boredom killing.” I can’t get it out of my mind. Three teens admitted killing Christopher Lane in Oklahoma because they were bored. For a few days I was speechless. Now

Kathyism #31 – “Smart Is A Power Word”

Give us two minutes and we’ll give you a one sentence description of each of the eight smarts your kids have. They each need to know they’re smart. It’s a

Kathyism #30 – “I’m Bored!”

This summer, how many times have your children already whined, “I’m so bored!!” Dr. Kathy suggests a very practical solution that might work in your home. She also addresses the