Christmas Morning Expectations

// by Evan Hampton, CK Brand Manager // “I just wanted a tape player!” I shouted this sentiment over my shoulder as I angrily stomped upstairs. It was Christmas morning

What Do Clark Griswold & King David Have In Common

This weekend, our family began to decorate our home for Christmas. As we set up our tree, I was reminded of a scene from a popular Christmas movie. I referenced

Connection With Each Other

| Dr. Kathy Koch | Connection Matters. As we continue into what is known as the holiday season, who do you hope to connect with? Who do you hope to

The Star of the Season

| from Joyce Baker | Our Thanksgiving Day was a quiet one this year. I was making some pies to take to my daughter’s house later and Steve was working

The Gift of Perspective

| from Suzanne Phillips | Perspective is a funny thing isn’t it? It changes with time and experience, growth and wisdom. There’s a reason that God’s word instructs older women

139 Nativities

| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Do you collect anything? Are there things you value? I know things aren’t important in comparison to people and beliefs, but they’re not valueless.