| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Not getting angry is beautiful and helps us look beautiful. I need to remember this. Maybe you do, too? I recently flew down-and-back in

All Words Are Powerful

Do you listen to yourself? What do you say to your kids? Over and over and over again? How do you think those things compare to what they long to

What Are You Saying? The Importance Of Translation And Clarity

When speaking to moms at the Hearts at Home conference in Budapest, Hungary, last Saturday, Erika translated my English into Hungarian. If she wouldn’t have, the Hungarian moms would have

Facebook Frustration: Instill Positive Core Values To Guard Against Unnecessary Conflict

Just yesterday I learned of another friend who had to block someone from his Facebook account. They had been “friends” but this person wasn’t cooperating when asked to be more

Opinions & Advice: Role Modeling At Home Impacts Community

Angry. Selfish. Closed. Unsure. Silent. Argumentative. In last Monday’s post, I suggested you create a mission statement for your family’s communication. It’s a way to decide and communicate what you

Develop A Communication Mission Statement For Your Family

Concerned parents. They’re everywhere. Are you among them? When talking with them, I’ve found myself saying, “Just keep the conversation alive.” When we listen and talk we can be influential.