What Legacy Do You Hope To Leave Behind?

Will people notice when you pass from this life to the next? Why? What do you want to be remembered for? What do you hope stays when you leave? If

Have Internal Peace When External Challenges Arise

Peace has been on my mind. Has it been on yours? Last Friday’s headline in the USA Today was “World in Crisis.” The article was especially about the plane shot

Healthy Motivation Produces Empowering Priorities

Last Monday, I encouraged readers to consider what they value for them and their children. I provided a list of words for you to consider. I certainly don’t want you

Little Things May Be Big

On the first flight on my European adventure last Wednesday, the flight attendant asked if I’d like cookies or pretzels with my water. Because I didn’t care, I responded, “Surprise

When Smarts Frustrate: Self Smart

When’s the last time you had time to yourself? Quiet? Peace? Privacy? Space? Are those foreign concepts? What if we asked your children? During my school programs, many admit they

True Love Can Thaw A Frozen Heart – Part 2

When you discover your children have talent, what do you do? When you determine they can easily use their ability to harm and hurt people, what do you do? Children