Satisfaction in Every Sunrise

| from Melissa Hannigan | As I watched the sunrise one morning while on vacation at the beach, I waited expectantly. I watched and waited for that moment the sun

Whitewater Parenting

| from Sherri Seligson | Recently, I stumbled across an old photo of our family. It was a whitewater rafting trip we took during one of our last vacations before

Mom Guilt and Forgiveness

| from Sherri Seligson | Mom guilt. It’s something all mothers face. We wrestle over things we have done (or shouldn’t have done) with our children. If you’ve been a

THIS is the Day

| from Suzanne Phillips | I don’t know about you, but my life is VERY full right now. So many changes and so much movement. I was feeling a little

Encouraging the Socially Compact [from Joyce Baker]

As everyone is currently experiencing physical distancing outside our own households, we are experiencing social compactness inside our households. Sometimes this can cause aggravations and irritations within us and with

Embrace The Imperfect Student – A “No More Perfect Kids” Reflection

[guestpost]Randy Thomas is blogging for me today. I’m sure he’ll inspire us and give us much to think about. I’m grateful for his friendship and role on staff as the