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Drive down Boat Club Road, turn left on Azle Avenue, and hang a right to head west on 820. Exit 30 East to Bryant Irvin Road. Go right. Turn right

Explaining Our Smarts Part 5 – Body Smart

Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do. — Each of our smarts, or intelligences, is born into us, but

“They Are Only 5 Pound Weights” – A Comparison Lesson

Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life. — Five pound weights. That’s all they were. One in my left hand. One in

Making “New” Decisions

Making New Decisions – I’m a person of habit. People who know me well are laughing right now. It’s an understatement, actually. At some restaurants, I don’t need to open the menu. I know what to order. Some of you think that’s sick, but it works for me. It wouldn’t work for you. That’s okay.

Purpose is Powerful

Purpose is Powerful – In 2010, I spoke at and learned a lot from two Wellness conferences at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX. The experience was fabulous.

“Pull With Your Back” – A Lesson in Security

“Pull with your back.”

My initial reaction was disbelief. I heard myself wonder, “What?” but I was pretty sure I had just thought it and not actually asked it.