Special Blog Post: Processing Storm Damage And Loss Of Life With Children

As you most likely know, tornadoes caused major destruction in Arkansas on Sunday and in Mississippi and Alabama last night. You may be wondering how to talk with children about

A Masterpiece In Process

[guestpost]Randy Thomas is blogging for me today. I’m sure he’ll inspire us and give us much to think about. I’m grateful for his friendship and role on staff as the

How Do You Sift, Sort, Synthesize, and Share?

Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life. — As a teacher educator and someone who also helps parents raise their children well,

Grieving the Boston Bombings – Practical Insights to Help Process

In light of the tragic bombings in Boston today and the loss of life and the number of injured, I thought I’d repost this blog (with some slight edits) from

“She’s Gone”

“She’s gone.” Has there ever been a time when one word – just one word – was the perfect word? Three years ago today, I got a call from a