| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Plateauing scares me. In a former job, I was surrounded by people who were satisfied being average. They weren’t growing. If they saw that


| from Joyce Baker | Life is full of change. It’s perpetual. This summer as a MiMi I helped move my oldest son, his wife, and three of my four

Identifying Roots

As I write about often, when we want to change, we must examine our beliefs. Changing behavior can be easy unless we want the changes to be permanent. When that’s

Communicating About Academic Challenges

You know by now, if you’re a reader of this blog, that all of us at Celebrate Kids believe children are smart in eight different ways. So are adults! All

Just Watch and Listen

On the way to the grocery store, a friend’s son asked if they could rent a movie from the Red Box he knew was outside the store. After thinking about

Four More Awakening Strategies for Multiple Intelligences

As I wrote about last Wednesday and taught about in one of my  videos, all of us are born with the capacity to develop eight intelligences. Our Creator generously creates us