Pray for the School Year

| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Dr. Kathy Says… The consistency of the ocean waves lapping the shore is comforting. They come and go, come and go, and keep coming


| from John Hannigan | I have to admit I have had writer’s block. We have been in a crazy season of ministry where there is never enough time to

Not Where or What, but Whom [from Tina Hollenbeck]

This upcoming school year will begin like none other in the memory of anyone alive today. Some classroom teachers are preparing to try their hands at another potentially-trying round of

The Next Normal in Conferences

written by the Celebrate Kids Team Wow!  We are living in unprecedented times, aren’t we? Can we be honest and say that we have been in a valley the past

Leaning Not [from Tina Hollenbeck]

Even in the midst of coronavirus-related lockdown entropy, the past few months have been quite eventful for me. Prior to the virus situation, I was preparing for my daughters’ graduations