You Are Ultimately Responsible

| from Tina Hollenbeck | Over the past year, I’ve had more coffee dates than I can count. In fact, I’ve had five such outings in just the last week,


| from Suzanne Phillips | “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”Genesis 1:3 I have always been fascinated with Genesis and the creation account. I close my eyes and

Take Heart

| from Tina Hollenbeck | I’ve experienced a couple of major significant transitions this year. First, both my daughters graduated from our homeschool. When we’d decided that they’d graduate together,

Be Good and Have Fun…In That Order

| from Tina Hollenbeck | When my girls were young and heading out on a homeschool outing or to spend time with friends or their grandparents, I gave them the

Enjoy the Moment; Start Now

| from Tina Hollenbeck | Though I was a year-round homeschooler, there’s always been something “different” in my thought process about this time of year. My kids were typically not