Kathyism #36 – “Picture Smart”

Post by Celebrate Kids, Inc.

Kathyism #35 – “Logic Smart”

Do you know children who like math and science? Are they good problem solvers? Do they need you to be fair and quickly complain when you’re not? These kids are

Kathyism #33 – “Be Careful of Paralyzing Smarts”

Last week’s video was about the good news that smarts can be awakened. This week’s is about the “bad news” that they can be paralyzed. There are four ways we

Kathyism #32 – “Awaken All 8 Smarts”

We and our children are created with the capacity to develop 8 different intelligences. When we awaken our kids’ smarts early, there’s a greater chance they’ll be strengths during their

Kathyism #31 – “Smart Is A Power Word”

Give us two minutes and we’ll give you a one sentence description of each of the eight smarts your kids have. They each need to know they’re smart. It’s a

Kathyism #30 – “I’m Bored!”

This summer, how many times have your children already whined, “I’m so bored!!” Dr. Kathy suggests a very practical solution that might work in your home. She also addresses the