Engagement Jesus’ Way

| from Dr. Kathy Koch | For all of time, children’s attention spans have been discussed. Or maybe it’s a truer statement to say they’ve been questioned. “Why can’t they

When Life is…

from Joyce Baker Teach your children about Jesus When life is good When life is difficult When life is exciting When life is restrictive When life is celebratory When life

Christmas is the Gift

Christmas Is The Gift

Until last year, we exchanged Christmas gifts when we got together. Last year, because of changing financial situations, we didn’t. This year, we’ve agreed to bring gifts if we want to. We’ve stated, “No pressure.”

It’s awkward and freeing all at the same time.

Have Internal Peace When External Challenges Arise

Peace has been on my mind. Has it been on yours? Last Friday’s headline in the USA Today was “World in Crisis.” The article was especially about the plane shot

Am I Important To You?

[guestpost]Randy Thomas is blogging for me today. I’m sure he’ll inspire us and give us much to think about. I’m grateful for his friendship and role on staff as the

Special Blog Post: Processing Storm Damage And Loss Of Life With Children

As you most likely know, tornadoes caused major destruction in Arkansas on Sunday and in Mississippi and Alabama last night. You may be wondering how to talk with children about