Enjoy Others’ Joy

Dr. Kathy Says… They reminded me of my mom. On a recent flight, I enjoyed listening to the two women who were sitting across the aisle from me. They were

Generous People

| from Dr. Kathy Koch |  Generous people are refreshing.  Recently I attended a special reception at a private residence. It was more than a house. Much more! As impressive

Our 4 Mirror Questions

| from Courtney Critz | When she was quite little, my daughter began to notice that her hair was different from other girls’ hair. She talked about it tangling and

A Preface to Marriage

| from Stephen Baker |  An interesting study can be made by looking at the passages in Colossians and Ephesians that lead into the sections about marriage relationships. For example,

Prepare Children For The School Year: Emphasize Their Smarts And Positive Character Qualities

Are your children looking forward to the new school year beginning? Maybe some are and others aren’t. We can encourage them in several ways in the remaining days or weeks

“Lift Your Face Toward The Sun” – A Nature Smart Testimony

[guestpost]On p. 155 in my book How Am I Smart? I write about adults with nature-smart strengths who are able to connect well with God while surrounded by trees. When