The Star of the Season

| from Joyce Baker | Our Thanksgiving Day was a quiet one this year. I was making some pies to take to my daughter’s house later and Steve was working

Essential Ingredients

| from Joyce Baker | Reflecting on some of my fondest Thanksgiving memories, I remembered a time when my mom made an epic failure in her famous pie recipe. Instead


| from Joyce Baker | Life is full of change. It’s perpetual. This summer as a MiMi I helped move my oldest son, his wife, and three of my four

Creativity – Made in God’s Image

| from Joyce Baker | My husband, Steve, and I enjoy being creative with vintage and architectural salvage pieces. We find something old and see what it could be new.

When Life is…

from Joyce Baker Teach your children about Jesus When life is good When life is difficult When life is exciting When life is restrictive When life is celebratory When life

Encouraging the Socially Compact [from Joyce Baker]

As everyone is currently experiencing physical distancing outside our own households, we are experiencing social compactness inside our households. Sometimes this can cause aggravations and irritations within us and with