Unlikely or Impossible?

| from Lauren Roman | Trick question! It’s both. “God uses the unlikely to do the impossible” is a saying my pastor reiterates every so often in his sermons. Not because it’s

Giving Thanks Amidst Adversity

| from Lauren Roman | It’s the time of year when our hearts and minds turn toward giving thanks. First, as Americans, with a national day of Thanksgiving – second,

Helping Without Fixing

| from Lauren Roman | What’s your first response when a friend or loved one is hurting? Often, our natural instinct is to focus on fixing the problem, rather than simply helping the person.  Helping and

Believing Without Seeing

| from Lauren Roman | Let’s be honest. It’s a lot easier to talk about our struggles once we’ve made it to “the other side.” Or, if we can’t yet speak in the

Acceptance Changes Everything – Part II

| from Lauren Roman | The pregnancy test was positive. I was positive my life, as I knew it, was over. How could someone so “smart” be so stupid?! It

Acceptance Changes Everything – Part I

| from Lauren Roman | “Grieve what isn’t, accept what is” – I recently heard Dr. Kathy say this in a podcast about the 5 Core Needs. My brain immediately