Hope in the Garden

| from Melissa Hannigan | I am no gardener. In fact, my grandfather who had the greenest thumb, tried for many years to pass on his gardening skills. But no

What Do We Pass On?

| from John Hannigan | “I have to tell you something. Are you sitting down?” My mother was on the phone with me a few weeks ago. “Wayne died last

Just Watch and Listen

On the way to the grocery store, a friend’s son asked if they could rent a movie from the Red Box he knew was outside the store. After thinking about

Ten Ways To Encourage Your Child

I’m so excited that No More Perfect Kids book has received such positive responses and initiating incredible conversations! Jill Savage and I worked hard to bring you this powerful book because

Have Internal Peace When External Challenges Arise

Peace has been on my mind. Has it been on yours? Last Friday’s headline in the USA Today was “World in Crisis.” The article was especially about the plane shot

How My Parents Loved Me By Turning An Insecurity Into A Lifelong Blessing

My brother and I walked home from Roosevelt Elementary School on a typical day and Dave walked upstairs to his room. I did something unusual. I walked right into my