Do You Extend Hope to Others?

Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life. — Do you extend hope to others? If you have some, I hope you do.

Use Your Smarts to Increase Holiday Joy

Do you collect anything? Are there things you value? I know things aren’t important in comparison to people and beliefs, but they’re not valueless. This month, on our corporate Facebook

Cultivating A Grateful Heart

A few days later, I saw the Mom and had a chance to tell her about her daughter’s expression of gratitude. It brought tears to her eyes, as she and her husband are strategically parenting to instill values like thankfulness. She was thrilled to hear of her daughter’s confident interaction with me and expression of thanks.

Big Hearts for Missions

In 2003 I was with 500 missionaries and their children at a conference in Budapest, Hungary, I asked many of them how we can help children not serving on the mission field embrace missions. I hoped for many clever ideas I could share in this column. That’s not what I got. …