Prepare Children For The School Year: Emphasize Their Smarts And Positive Character Qualities

Are your children looking forward to the new school year beginning? Maybe some are and others aren’t. We can encourage them in several ways in the remaining days or weeks

“Lift Your Face Toward The Sun” – A Nature Smart Testimony

[guestpost]On p. 155 in my book How Am I Smart? I write about adults with nature-smart strengths who are able to connect well with God while surrounded by trees. When

Celebrate “Flag Day” The Smart(s) Way

I joke with people that I bleed red, white, and blue because I love America so much. I was raised in a flag waving, politically active family. My grandfather (my

“All Of Me” – The Powerful Essence Of Individuality

Self. What a powerful word. My dictionary defines it as “the identity, character, or essential qualities of any person or thing.” Please notice the “s” on the word “qualities.” Individual.

The Wheel Man

He walked the neighborhood observing. He watched the people. He looked around their homes. He tried to notice everything. He took notes on his pad of paper like the guest

When Smarts Frustrate: Nature Smart

Nature-smart kids like to get dirty. That’s just one of the ways they can frustrate themselves and others. When we understand multiple intelligences and the specific ways our children are