Bad Days Don’t Make Bad Moms

| from Melissa Hannigan | The day started as any other. I woke up late and rushed out of the house to get the older kids to Vacation Bible School

Becoming A Leader Worth Following

| from Lauren Roman | Parents are the most influential leaders in their children’s lives. Yet, many mothers and fathers who want to improve their children’s behavior omit a very

Life in the Jump Seat

| from Suzanne Phillips | It really doesn’t matter what phase or season of parenting you are in, the reality of jump seat living is just part of the gig.

Hope is Expecting God’s Future Grace

| from Sherri Seligson | Today I have the joy of introducing you to my friend and colleague, Sherri Seligson, by way of her first blog for us. Sherri and

Sticks and Stones

How ridiculous is the old children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Very ridiculous! Words cut deeply. They hit hard. Some wounds

Why Do Kids Make Mistakes? (Book Excerpt From “No More Perfect Kids”)

I sure hope you’ve had an opportunity to purchase, read, and learn from my new book, No More Perfect Kids, that I was privileged to write with the brilliant Jill