Thought Provoking Discussion Starters #52: Pondering President’s Day

Every Friday, I’ll post thought provoking discussion starters. — Tuesday was President Lincoln’s birthday and next Friday is President Washington’s birthday. In the States, this coming Monday, the 18th, is President’s

Thought Provoking Discussion Starters #44: Is it still Important to Remember Pearl Harbor?

Every Friday, I’ll post thought provoking discussion starters. — “A date which will live in infamy.” That’s what President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared today would be. It’s been 71 years

Thought Provoking Discussion Starters #36: The True Meaning of the Word “Debate”

Every Friday, I’ll post thought provoking discussion starters.  — The word “debate” has its roots in the first definition of the word “batter.” Although you might know that word as something