Nine Steps to Finding Rest

| from Julie LaQuey | Life has been hectic lately. Can you relate? It seems that my husband and I have been working non-stop, without any days off, much less

True Love Can Thaw A Frozen Heart

True love can thaw a frozen heart. Perhaps you are among the thousands who saw the Disney animated movie Frozen. I know some children received Anna and Elsa dolls as

Logic Smart: Why It’s Good

Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do. — Logic smart, or logical–mathematical intelligence, is one of the eight intelligences

For God So “Dvu”-d The World

Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life. — Love is on my mind. It’s Easter week. That makes it “love week” for

Thought Provoking Discussion Starters #41: Challenging Thoughts from The Apostle Paul

Every Friday, I’ll post thought provoking discussion starters.  — Paul wrote many of the God-breathed books in the New Testament of the Holy Word of God, including Colossians. I pray thinking

Inside Out

When preparing to wash a load of clothes the other day, I followed directions and remembered to turn one of my tops inside out. When I did, it’s as if I heard God ask, “Kathy, what would people see if I turned you inside out?”