Due Diligence Needed

| from Suzanne Phillips | Years ago, my husband and I were considering a new option for our children’s education. We were not only considering a change of schools, we

Is Security Something We Feel or Something We Have?

| from Julie LaQuey | Security is a word I have heard quite often in recent months. As a society, we go to great lengths in our attempts to feel

When The Walls Shake

| from Suzanne Phillips | If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. 1 Timothy 6:8 October 28th started like any other day, a beautiful fall morning

The Election

| from John Hannigan | (written Wednesday, 11-4, at 12:31pm) Well, I think we survived! Did you? The campaign and election this year has been a rough one. That’s an

Just Watch and Listen

On the way to the grocery store, a friend’s son asked if they could rent a movie from the Red Box he knew was outside the store. After thinking about

Inspire Academic Improvement By Resisting The “Perfection Infection”

It happens often. I bet you do it. I totally understand and yet I hope my insights encourage you to stop. Curious? Keep reading. When you empty your children’s backpacks