Four More Awakening Strategies for Multiple Intelligences

As I wrote about last Wednesday and taught about in one of my  videos, all of us are born with the capacity to develop eight intelligences. Our Creator generously creates us

Blessing School Children at End of Year the Smart Way

Many important things occur at the end of the school year. Papers are written, content is studied, finals are taken, grades are figured, and report cards are distributed. Desks and

Parents Have Important Power To Awaken Intelligence

While my dad used graph paper, T-squares, unique rulers, and other drafting materials on the table in our family room, I made designs by coloring in squares on my own

When Smarts Frustrate: Self Smart

When’s the last time you had time to yourself? Quiet? Peace? Privacy? Space? Are those foreign concepts? What if we asked your children? During my school programs, many admit they

When Smarts Frustrate: People Smart

December was a full and rich month for me. January was very different. It was full, but in different ways. One of the major differences was that I was able

Helping Children Rise Up in Confidence

[callout]Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.[/callout]Let’s continue learning how we can increase our children’s confidence. On Monday, I