Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation 2020

If you’re interested, read President Trump’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. Among many other thoughts, he writes: “This Thanksgiving, we reaffirm our everlasting gratitude for all that we enjoy, and we commemorate the

Giving Thanks Amidst Adversity

| from Lauren Roman | It’s the time of year when our hearts and minds turn toward giving thanks. First, as Americans, with a national day of Thanksgiving – second,

“Lift Your Face Toward The Sun” – A Nature Smart Testimony

[guestpost]On p. 155 in my book How Am I Smart? I write about adults with nature-smart strengths who are able to connect well with God while surrounded by trees. When

Thought Provoking Discussion Starters #42: Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks!

Every Friday, I’ll post thought provoking discussion starters.  — If we reflect on gratitude between now and Thanksgiving day, maybe the day will mean more to us. Can you imagine what