Look In and Look Up

| from Tina Hollenbeck | Last year at this time, I’d just begun the last semester of my homeschool mom career. I’d created each daughter’s final learning log and was

Take Heart

| from Tina Hollenbeck | I’ve experienced a couple of major significant transitions this year. First, both my daughters graduated from our homeschool. When we’d decided that they’d graduate together,

Process Over Product

| from Tina Hollenbeck | In my blog posted on September 24th [https://celebratekids.com/don-the-mantle/] , I wrote about how it’s our job as parents to provide clear instruction – delivered calmly and methodically

Enjoy the Moment; Start Now

| from Tina Hollenbeck | Though I was a year-round homeschooler, there’s always been something “different” in my thought process about this time of year. My kids were typically not

Not Where or What, but Whom [from Tina Hollenbeck]

This upcoming school year will begin like none other in the memory of anyone alive today. Some classroom teachers are preparing to try their hands at another potentially-trying round of

Don’t Grow Weary [from Tina Hollenbeck]

Fourth of July was certainly surreal. Though some communities hosted parades and fireworks, most events were cancelled. Some gathered for picnics, but many stayed home. President Trump’s pro-America visit to