Work Hard, Play Hard

| from Julie LaQuey | My dad knew how to play hard. Whether he was pulling us on a sled behind a four-wheeler, taking us waterskiing at the break of

Kathyism #314- Do the Work! Swing for a Home Run!

Are we guilty of being satisfied with less than the best we could have done? There may be times that striking out when trying for the home run is better

Communicating About Academic Challenges

You know by now, if you’re a reader of this blog, that all of us at Celebrate Kids believe children are smart in eight different ways. So are adults! All

Ten Ways To Encourage Your Child

I’m so excited that No More Perfect Kids book has received such positive responses and initiating incredible conversations! Jill Savage and I worked hard to bring you this powerful book because

Four Awakening Strategies for Multiple Intelligences

Multiple intelligences is a strength-based way of looking at children, teens, and even adults. That’s one reason I enjoy teaching the model. All of us are born with a capacity

Let’s Offer Hope To Hurting Teens

Yesterday was an emotionally fatiguing day. It seemed like every time I turned around there was another reason to think about teenagers. There were more details about Monday’s tragic stabbing