Learning From Olympians (Continued)

Do you know children, teens, and maybe young adults who have an unrealistic goal or expectation for perfection? They may resent practice and studying because they think things should come

When Smarts Frustrate: People Smart

December was a full and rich month for me. January was very different. It was full, but in different ways. One of the major differences was that I was able

Thought Provoking Discussion Starters #2: Spice It Up!

What about life? What would you like to add to yours this year to enhance its flavor? Something mild or much more bold? A lot of one or a little of many?

Spice it up! Add sacrifice, joy, peace, passion, challenge, activity, speed, noise, purpose, security, risk, solitude, fun, seriousness, …

Milliennials And Their Relationships

If you’ve been confused by today’s young people, you’re not alone. They can make choices that surprise us. That’s what their observable behavior is, you know. It all starts with choice. A choice to believe this or that. To do this or that. To feel this or that. To say this or that.

Because of the culture, Millennials, those born after 1982, value relationships and experiences.